What is BETA?

The βETA programme has been designed to reduce the risk of radiation exposure when performing selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) by increasing awareness of radiation safety and providing risk education.

The βETA educational programme has been developed by BTG following feedback from an expert multidisciplinary consensus panel working in medical radiological environments.

Radiation protection knowledge is of paramount importance for interventionalists. An understanding of radiation safety principles and their application in practice is also critical for all oncology nurses.1

βETA Objectives

  1. To increase understanding and awareness of potential radiation exposure when performing SIRT with 90Y glass microspheres and provide risk education
  2. To provide and share expert advice on best practice for all steps of the 90Y microsphere procedure To offer an educational initiative to help train others regarding the potential risk of exposure to radiation and ways to reduce this risk
  3. To provide audit tools to enable staff to undertake simple measures that can assess current staff performance and exposure to radiation; this will allow improvements to be made and reduce environmental exposure

1) Daeur LT, Kelvin JF, Horan CL, et al. Evaluating the effectiveness of a radiation safety training intervention for oncology nurses: a pretest – intervention – posttest study. BMC Medical Education 2006, 6:32.